Varietal Honey 2-Pack Gift Set

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Because honey is a consumable food-stuff (albeit, the most wondrous of food-stuff) we do not accept returns and only provide refunds when the honey arrives damaged, broken or unsealed.

That said, if something has gone wrong, we'll do everything we can to make things right.


Blueberry Honey

Slow pouring and rich, the texture of this honey awakens the palate with a warm aroma and a bite of lemon tartness. Beyond the whole-mouth feel you’ll catch a buttery complexity that mingles with subtle and earthy tones.


Buckwheat Honey

Buckwheat honey is distinctly known for the molasses, sorghum and maple sap notes that permeiate its flavour profile, but this buckwheat has been specially chosen for it’s dark cocoa flavours which elevate this varietal honey.


Raspberry Honey

This is one of the most unique honeys you’ll ever try. Unlike the pollen from other ground fruit this honey starts bright on the nose with a buttery complexion, then a strong note of cantaloupe with mix with light notes of vanilla. In a quiet climax to the experience, aftertaste is just as pleasant as its beginnings, with no lingering astringency and a mellow sweetness.


Wildflower Honey

Born of fallow & untamed fields where an ever-changing mix of wild flowers provide a feast for bees. Wildflower honey from Nude Bee will vary year to year transforming in colour, viscosity, aroma and flavour. Raw, natural, and with nothing added or taken, every year you’ll discover something new; 2017 features hints of clover, dandelion and wood sage.


Orange Honey

Orange honey is all about balance bright, beautiful and smooth with a subtle hint of citrus on the nose and a mellow caramel flavour on the pallet. This full bodied combination gives the orange honey a deceptively warm mouth feel that perfectly captures the California terroir and mind-set.