Raspberry Honey

Smooth as Silk


Once planted, native North American red raspberries are a contradiction even among the rose family. A raspberry bush will spread rapidly in the right conditions and despite the plant's hardiness a single bush can produce 100’s of delicate berries. This combination of speed and blossom volume makes it an ideal single pollen honey, that’s still rare to find in stores.

Flavour Profile:

This is one of the most unique honeys you’ll ever try. Unlike the pollen from other ground fruit this honey starts bright on the nose with a buttery complexion, then a strong note of cantaloupe with mix with light notes of vanilla. In a quiet climax to the experience, aftertaste is just as pleasant as its beginnings, with no lingering astringency and a mellow sweetness.

Cheese Pairings:

Be gentle with this rare raw honey, you don’t want to overwhelm some of it’s more complex elements, so pair it with your softest least aged cheeses.

• Buffalo Mozzarella
• Fresh Burrata
• Manouri goat semisoft whey cheese

Tea Pairings:

Most tea lovers will tell you to drink premium white tea plain, but most tea lovers have never had a Raspberry honey. Embrace the experience, after all you only live once.

• Silver Needle tea
• Cherry Blossom White Bai Mudan Tea
• White Peach Tea

Ready to put together a little honey care-package for yourself?