Orange Honey

Taste The Warmth Of The Sunshine State


Our first international honey, Orange honey hails from California - a state famous for its quality produce, sunshine and the summer bee migration. On this orchard, you’ll find orange trees where Valencia, Pera, and Navel oranges can all be found blooming from October to May.

Flavour Profile:

Orange honey is all about balance bright, beautiful and smooth with a subtle hint of citrus on the nose and a mellow caramel flavour on the pallet. This full bodied combination gives the orange honey a deceptively warm mouth feel that perfectly captures the California terroir and mind-set.

Cheese Pairings:

When pairing orange honey, look for nutty cheeses as the warming effect of this honeys key notes will enhance the best characteristics of the cheese.

• Comté French Unpasteurized Cow's Milk
• Italian Scamorza Milk Cheese
• Yellow Dutch Gouda

Tea Pairings:

Put some sunshine in your next pot of winter tea by mixing fruit teas with orange honey. As the round body of this honey heightens the sweetness without turning it into a onenote treat.

• Elderflower
• Seoklyu-cha (Pomegranate)
• Rooibos Tea


Orange honey hot wings

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