Goldenrod Honey

A Sweet And Sour Staple


An essential pollen source for bees in the last lazy days of Summer and early days Fall. The richness of this pollen is key to making a honey like none other.

Flavour Profile:

The perfect goldenrod honey has some of the most intense honey sweetness on first taste and flavours that transforms into a warm brown sugar as they move across the tongue. The secret to this this almost overwhelming sweetness is the subtle sour note at the that helps clear the palette and refresh it for your next spoonful.

Cheese Pairings:

Lean into that final hint of sour that makes goldenrod honey so special by pairing it with fatty, creamy, and dense cheese where every bite is transformed into a new experience.

• White Rind Camembert
• Semi-hard Grevé
• Spanish Manchego

Tea Pairings:

If you tend to over steep your tea, or love big bold black teas, you’ll find goldenrod honey to be a perfect way to cut through the dark.

• No 1. Earl Grey Tea Blend
• Keemun Chinese Black Tea
• Lapsang Souchong

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