Blueberry Honey:

Bold with a playful smack of citrus


An indigenous plant species to North & Central America, blueberry flowers grow rapidly in May and June. Each plant is densely packed with delicate, white flowers and possess the magical aroma of spring - a combination no bee can resist.

Flavour Profile:

Slow pouring and rich, the texture of this honey awakens the palate with a warm aroma and a bite of lemon tartness. Beyond the whole-mouth feel you’ll catch a buttery complexity that mingles with subtle and earthy tones.

Cheese Pairings:

The key to a taste this big is contrast, pairing blueberry honey with the biggest smelly cheeses you’re brave enough to serve.

• French Roquefort Milk Blue Cheese
• Limburger Semi-Soft Washed Rind
• Époisses de Bourgogne Smear-ripened Raw Cow's Milk

Tea Pairings:

Whether you’re doubling down the on the intensity of your fruit teas or adding a drop to your white tea, we recommend adding Blueberry honey to your morning routine.

• White Peony (Bai Mudan)
• Acai Berry Black Tea
• Chamomile Herbal Tea

Ready to put together a little honey care-package for yourself?