our honeys

Commitment to raw

  • Filtered for clarity
  • Never pasteurized
  • Minimized crystallization
  • Never blended
The commoditization of honey over the last half century has produced a dramatic disconnection between consumers and the sweet/sticky stuff. In order to produce a “consistent” product at scale requires mainstream producers to blend, synthesize, hydrate and pasteurize. By the time it gets into the cartoon bear-shaped plastic bottle, it’s thin, light and contains a single note of artificial sweetness. Our team works directly with beekeepers to ensure that every jar of honey is raw, unpasteurized and minimally filtered to ensure that every natural ounce of flavour, texture and aroma make it into the jar.

Focus on varietals

  • Flavor from flowers
  • Pollens impact on food experience
  • Unique flavors
Most people don’t realize that, depending on the flowers that the bees are pollinating, they’ll produce a completely different kind of honey in terms of colour, texture, aroma, food pairings, and flavour. It’s something that must be experienced to truly appreciate, we encourage you to grab yourself a box to see for yourself.

Championing the beekeeper

  • Direct buying
  • Linking pollination & farming
  • Member of the Ontario Bee Keepers Association (OBA)
Apiarists (a fancy word for beekeepers) do so much more than just make honey, they keep our global food supply chain humming along by pollinating the crops that feed our society. By working directly with independent beekeepers, we can learn about their process, where they operate, the crops they pollinate and the issues they care about. We’re proud members of the Ontario Beekeepers Association, and do our best to promote the issues they highlight and advocate for.

Make it pretty

  • Plastic-free
  • Reusable & recyclable
  • Designed For countertops, not cupboards
We wanted to make the world of varietal honeys something special, something people pay attention to, but also something that respects the environment and the planet. Our design aesthetic, name and low-carbon-no-plastic packaging were intentionally chosen to reflect this ethic.