Why Are We Nude?

Nude Bee Honey Co. was started in 2010, delivering unique varieties of honey in beautiful, eye-catching jars.

We know it’s a bit cheeky, but our name was chosen to communicate that our products are completely natural and raw, just as the bees intended. You won’t see us adding any fancy articifial flavors or stabalizers, and our honey need never be pasteurized because we’ll never add water to increase packing volumes like your average bear does.

While mesmerizing foodies with the wildly varying flavour profiles is great fun, one of our main goals is to educate consumers on the myriad topics related to this sweet by-product; agriculture, food distribution infrastructure and environmentalism.

To this day we continue striving to curate the worlds most diverse lineup of honeys from independant apiarists working domestically and abroad.


Eddy Okun

Eddy Okun


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Eddy conceived Nude Bee Honey shortly after settling in Toronto in 2009 and meeting a local beekeeper through a friend. Thinking honey was just one kind of a thing, Eddy was amazed at the dizzying array of aromas, textures, colours and flavours that honey can embody, and went about figuring out a way to get people to pay attention. Nude Bee Honey Co. was born.

Favourite Honey: Blueberry

Favourite Application: Drizzled

Favourite Recipe: Nude Apple Strude

Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas


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Ryan has a passion for running small-fun businesses and an even deeper passion for food, when those two worlds collided for him back in 2013, he entered a sweet nirvana. Ryan is a brand and business development wünderkind with boundless energy and mad love for bees and their keepers.

Favourite Honey: Pumpkin

Favourite Application: Dunked

Favourite Recipe: Honey Baked Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos

Robert DaCunha

Rob DaCunha


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Over a distinguished 20+ year carrer, Robert has worked as a financial advisor/analyst/officer for companies as varied as our honeys. Robert brings that experience to Nude Bee as our Chief Financial Officer, making sure the only thing that’s in the red is our amber honeys.

Favourite Honey: Buckwheat

Favourite Application: Spread

Favourite Recipe: No-Churn Pumpkin Honey Ice Cream