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Our team at Nude Bee Honey Co. is always hunting to bring you the best in rare, raw, natural varietal honey.

Today we're proud to announce the launch of our Goldenrod Honey!


Goldenrod Taste & Flavor Profile:

An essential pollen source for bees in the last lazy days of Summer and early days Fall. The richness of this pollen is key to making a honey like none other.

On first taste this honey transforms with a natural honey sweetness balancing bright sweet notes and subtly tart undertones.


Hunting For The Perfect Goldenrod Honey: 

We spent a lot of time picking the perfect goldenrod honey to bring to the Nude Bee lineup because of the richness of this flowers pollen.    

The power of this pollen it requires a talented apiarist; a beekeeper with a great palette, who is able to close eye on their hives. Even subtitle changes in growing conditions or the hives internal environment can give this honey pungent notes that aren't for the faint of heart.

Done right this honey is the perfect good morning honey, perfect for fans of kombucha, pickling, and tart foods - yet balanced by natural roundness of honey sugars.   

That's why it took us so long to find the right bee keeper and the right product. 


Location & Terrior: 

Our goldenrod honey comes from the Lake Erie North Shore appellation.

For fans of a great Canadian wine you can read more about this wine growing terrior on the VAQ Ontario website - where warmer weather, shallow waters, and a long growing season benefit not only wine but late blooming flowers such as goldenrod. 


The First Jar Of Nude Bee Golden Rod Honey

 What are you waiting for, buy a jar over in our store today!