Bee Matters | Which Bees Are Endangered And What You Can Do About It

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By now you've likely seen more than one news outlet mentioning that bumble bees are now included on the endangered species list in North America.

With so much news flying around we help provide some clarity about who's on the list and what you can do to help your local bee population (even if there not on the list). 

Which Bees Are Listed As Endangered Spices In North America? 

    • Location: Hawaiian Islands 
    • Listed As Endangered:  September 2016 

    • About: Seven species that call the island chain home, where the first bees to ever be added to the list. The unique range of these bees and human impact on the Hawaiian island chain are big factors in why this bee was the first listed. 
A Yellow Faced Bee On A Flower By  João Coelho via Flickr

Rusty Patched Bumble Bee 
    • Location: US & Canadian Great Lakes
    • Listed As Endangered: January 2017

    • About: In the last two decades, these iconic bumble bees have seen a massive population drop. These where the first bumble bees ever added to the list. Pollution and a rapidly changing climate have put this bee population at significant risk.

Rusty Patched Bumble Bee Photographer Unknown

What Can I Do About Bee Population Decline? 

There is something small and wonderful you can do right away to help. It's as simple as planting local indigenous flowers in your home garden or condo balcony. 

Bees travel - a lot, that means that no mater where you live planting flowers native to your area help fight loss of habitat and insure that these friendly pollinators have a food source in your area.

To go the extra mile and beautify your home year round, plant flowers that bloom at different times of the year from early spring to late fall.

It's a simple first step that will green your own living space and help these wonderful insects improve their own quality of life.